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Brunswick County Celebrates 100 Years of 4-H October 8, 2009

Brunswick County 4-H celebrated 100 years of 4-H in North Carolina on October 5th, 2009.  The night was packed full of activities, including a Favorite Foods Fair, a 4-H themed Cake Decorating Contest, entertainment, and a time capsule dedication.  Many honors were given including a thanks to volunteer leaders for all of their time and dedication to the program, to Farm Bureau for their continual support of 4-H, to Mr. & Mrs. Earp for donating the use of their farm for the past 20 years for our Life on the Farm 3rd grade school enrichment program, and to the past Brunswick County 4-H professionals in attendance.  Thanks was also given to Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Hills, Walmart, and Lowe’s for their donations.  Entertainment was provided by Amber & Rosie Yurgel with a 4-H Cheer and by Samantha Lawrence sining “We Are 4-H.”

Centennial Celebration


4-H Entertains 2009 & 100 “Green” Foods Drive March 31, 2009

This year’s 4-H Entertains Talent Show was full of youthful talent and enthusiasm. The judges had an extremely hard time picking the best out of a field of sixteen “super stars”. Winners were Joshua and Mary Ellen playing a mandolin and violin duet. Also winning this year were Bryan and Justin as they “jammed” on the keyboard and drums. Alternate this year is Sammi who sang.  The two acts will advance to District Activity Day.  All the acts were great including singers, Katie and Alexis; clarinet duo, Hayley and Savanna ; a piano medley by Carlyn; dancers, Sammi and Janzen; jump-roping Bobbi Jane and cheerleaders, Amber and Rosie. Also, thanks to our judges; Susan Morgan, Jill Puckett & Nicole Mitchell, from the Extension Office.

Bryan on the Keyboard

Bryan on the Keyboard

Sammi Sings

Sammi Sings

Katie Sings "I Like It, I Love It"

Katie Sings "I Like It, I Love It"

Carlyn on the Keyboard

Carlyn on the Keyboard

Joshua and Mary Ellen Advance to District Activity Day.

Joshua and Mary Ellen Advance to District Activity Day.

100 “Green” Foods Drive
It was not hard to collect 100 food items for this project. Actually 148 items were turned in and the winning club was Silver Spurs with 59 items. The Silver Spurs will receive a pizza party at one of their 4-H meetings.  There were a lot of contributions from the Brunswick County Master Gardener Volunteer Association and the office. Donors were very creative in finding “green” food! Favorites include; green salad dressing and green (pistachio) pudding. At the talent show, the collection was presented to Lock Newlin, a representative from Brunswick Family Assistance for distribution to families in need.
Brunswick County 4-H Presents 148 "Green" Foods for the NC 4-H Centennial

Brunswick County 4-H Presents 148 "Green" Foods for the NC 4-H Centennial


4-H Centennial Ice Cream Flavor Winner March 5, 2009

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ice-creamNorth Carolina 4-H is excited to announce the winning flavor in our North Carolina 4-H Centennial Ice Cream Cone test!! With over 62 applicants, and over 2,300 votes, it came down to the top three counties. Last week we held the final taste test….judges included Larry Stogner, news anchor from WTVD-11, Andrea Weigl, food editor from the News and Observer, Dean Johnny Wynne, Dr. Jon Ort and other supporters representing all facets of 4-H.


The winning flavor is *drumroll please*   4-H Campfire Delight, submitted by Tyrrell County!!  The flavor is one that Creamery director Gary Cartwright found very original…never before has the Creamery tried a graham cracker flavored base, and it does not disappoint! Tyrrell County selected a graham cracker flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks and a marshmallow swirl, and it was an overwhelming winner!


Check out this article about the cone-test in this week’s NC State Bulletin.



Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Tyrrell County!



Sarah A. Ray

Director of Development for Extension Programs NC 4-H Development Fund NC Cooperative Extension Service Foundation NC Landscapes of Opportunity Foundation NC State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences NC State Box 7645 Raleigh, NC 27695-7645

919.515.9263 (direct)


Ice Cream Cone-test Top Three Flavors December 16, 2008

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ice cream

With over 2,300 total votes, the 4-H Centennial Ice Cream Cone-test was an enormous success!! The votes have been tallied, and the Cone-test Committee would like to congratulate the Top Three Counties!!

(In Alphabetical Order)
Gates – Clover Crunch: Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel Crunch Pieces and Butterscotch Swirl
Johnston – 100 S’More Years: Chocolate Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pieces and Marshmallow Cream Swirl
Tyrrell – 4-H Campfire Delight: Graham Cracker Ice Cream with Hershey Bar Chunks and Marshmallow Cream Swirl

The NC State Creamery is hard at work ordering all the ingredients for our Official Taste Test in January. Winning counties will be invited to send a representative to the taste test press conference we are planning with the Chancellor, Dean, Director and Tasting Committee.

We are still planning for a March launch of the ice cream….get your spoons ready!!!


4-H Centennial Ice Cream Survey September 26, 2008

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North Carolina 4-H had a contest to select a centennial ice cream flavor!  
The Top 10 Flavors of Ice Cream have been selected.  Together with the NC State Creamery, North Carolina 4-H would like to ask you to follow the link below to select your favorite flavor! The Top 3 flavors will be made in small batches at the creamery for a final taste test and the Grand Champion will be announced this spring.  Just in time for the heat of summer and all the Centennial Birthday Parties that will be happening across the state.

The survey is here!

Vote by October 31st!