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Top 10 Things I Can Dig, He Can Dig, She Can Dig, We Can Dig, They Can Dig, You Can Dig? Can You Dig It, Baby??? August 2, 2010

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10) “How am I going to dig myself out of debt?” That is what people are saying now that they have lost their jobs and homes to the Wall Street financial meltdown.

We want to keep up with the Jones and have instant gratification without doing our homework and being informed consumers. We are becoming a nation that values the dollar more than we value each other.

Thought: Financial literacy is a must. Learn how to take care of your “business”, or “finances”, that is. Learn that money and possessions are not everything. Learn that you can prosper and have a comfortable quality of life if you learn how to handle your finances properly.

9) Lindsay Lohan’s fame and fortune cannot dig her out of her alcohol and drug addition and it’s consequences.

Thought: Your body is your temple. Love yourself enough to not use artificial means to find happiness, joy, hide your problems or to be accepted by your peers. Take care of your health. Without it you cannot achieve any goals you may have for your life.

8 ) Chris Brown and Rhianna had to dig out of a toxic relationship and move on to heal.

Thought: Don’t let others pull you down. Surround yourself with positive people. Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

7) Mel Gibson trying to dig his way out of the inappropriate comments he has made.

Thought: Watch what you say to others you never know when you will have to eat your words and how costly it will be. Watch how you take things out of context and not researching the source. Just this week, we see the costly mistakes surrounding Shirley Sherrod and USDA firing or the ranting of the 12 year old on YouTube.

6) Can Lady Gaga dig up one more outrageous outfit?

Thought: A first impression is made within the first few seconds of meeting a person. Do you know what your dress says about you? Do you look approachable? Do you look appropriate? Do you look like you have that “fresh out of bed look”, “going clubbing look” or “4 sizes to small look”? You never know who is looking at you.

5) BP dug one to many holes, to deep to obtain a profit at the expense of our environment.

Thought: Money isn’t everything. The environment must be protected for mankind to have a future on earth. You are responsible for the outcome of Mother Earth. A sick planet will result in sick people.

4) Tiger Woods had to dig deep in his pockets to pay for his many mistakes.

Thought: We are all responsible for our actions. How many times do you try to blame others fro your actions? As teens some of your mistakes will be lessons learned and you will be able to move on. Other mistakes will shorten your life or follow you a lifetime and you will not be able to regroup. I believe in the law of karma. “What goes around comes around!”

3) “I want to dig my fangs in you?” What the “army” of newborn vampires, controlled by Victoria says to the people of Seattle in the Twilight Saga.

Thought: Outward appearances can be deceiving. Everyone is not your friend. Pick your friends wisely. Wisdom says: “Birds of feather flock together. “ “You are the company you keep.” “If you lay down with dogs you will get up with fleas.”

2) IPhone is trying to dig up a solution to the reception problem that is a flaw in their new, very expensive phone by having you buy a phone case.

Thought: Isn’t something wrong with that picture? You spend $400 on a phone and it doesn’t work when you hold it in your hand. Give everything you do a 110% effort. We have become a society that doesn’t give attention to detail, nor take pride in our work. Always strive to perform at a stellar level. Do your job as if you were signing your name to it.

1) Labron James digging his way out of the hate mail from Cleveland fans.

Thought: Ultimately you have to do what’s best for you regardless of peer pressure to do otherwise.


 2010 4-­‐H Congress cap note speech by Reba Green-­‐Holley, County Extension Director

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