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Donate a Stone Today! May 25, 2010

Filed under: 4-H — Blair Green @ 8:52 am

Last Friday, the 4-H Museum & History Center launched the construction of the Juanita Ogburn Hudson & Mack Hudson 4-H Courtyard and Gardens.  Ms. Juanita was an outstanding 4-H’er of the 1940s, who led her club to raise enough food to support more than 100 fighting men in the field for a year.  For that, she was selected by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to christen the USS Tyrrell in 1944.  She & her husband Mack are community leaders & constant supporters of 4-H.  The new courtyard is to be the crossroads for 4-H in NC, honoring all the 4-H’ers, agents, volunteers, & many others who’ve led us through the last century. 

Back when the McKimmon Center was dedicated, 4-H’ers from all 101 4-H programs came to Raleigh bearing water from the rivers & streams of their homes to fill the Center’s fountain.  It was symbolic of their commitment to the mission of the Center & the great leader for whom it is named.

Today, we ask you to send us your stones!  Every county in NC is invited to bring a stone that represents its unique heritage & geology.  Each County Council will decide which stone to send to 4-H District Activity Day where it will be presented officially for the Hudson 4-H Courtyard & Gardens.  We want you to bring a stone from your county that represents its unique heritage and geology & tells something about the 4-H’ers there, too! The stone should be the size that will fit in a box that is one cubic foot (that’s 1 ft. wide, 1 ft. long, and 1 ft. tall). Brunswick County will accept your stones up until their next council meeting on June 8th.  They will then decide which stone will represent the county and be carried to District Activity Day.


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