Brunswick County 4-H

4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship & life skills.


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The goal of the North Carolina 4-H Program is to assist youth and adults in becoming competent, coping and contributing members of a global society, developing life skills through planned learn-by-doing experiences.
North Carolina Cooperative Extension at NC State University and NC A&T State University conducts the 4-H program.
4-H is the largest youth organization in North Carolina with 21,221 youth and adult volunteers and more than 240,000 participants. 4-H is best identified by its green four-leaf clover with an H on each leaf. The four H’s on the emblem stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. 4-H is the only youth organization based at land-grant universities
and provides the first experience many youth have with higher education.
To learn more or to find out how to get involved with 4-H, visit the 4-H Website:

How are 4-H’ers “Making their Best Better?”

Expressive Arts & Communications 179,683

Family & Consumer Science 15,340

Environmental Edu. & Earth Sciences 162,366

Healthy Lifestyles Education 310,592

Personal Development & Leadership 274,208

Plants & Animals 158,836

Science & Technology 165,023

Citizenship & Civic Education 116,514

(NC 4-H Curriculum Areas, 2009)

Who participates in 4-H?

Community Clubs 14,976

Home School Clubs 1,874

After School Clubs 12,504

Military Youth Clubs 426

Special Interest 121,353

4-H Residential Camping 4,012

4-H Day Camping 17,040

School Enrichment (K-12) 132,914

Individual Projects 4,464

Child Care Education 14,964

4-H Instructional Video 3,510

Total (Duplications Eliminated) 240,926

How diverse is 4-H?

Caucasian 158,435 ~ 60%

African American 68,527 ~ 26%

Hispanic 21,984 ~ 8%

American Indian 6,223 ~ 2.5%

Asian 3,823 ~ 1.5%

Pacific Islander 66 ~ less 1%

Multi-racial 7,080 ~ 2.5%


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