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Help for Haiti January 22, 2010

Filed under: 4-H — Blair Green @ 9:28 am

Staff at National 4-H Council have been hearing amazing stories about the endeavors of our national 4-H community to assist with relief efforts for Haiti. For that reason, we have created a discussion board on our national 4-H Facebook page to help the 4-H community to connect, facilitate discussion surrounding these great efforts and help others to find out how they too can get involved. If you are leading an effort to assist in Haiti relief, feel free to post your activities on the new discussion thread so others can join in or duplicate your efforts in their own locale. The 4-H Facebook page already has more than 67,000 active participants and has proven to be a simple way to connect our 4-H community online and to nationally aggregate our great efforts. If you are not yet a FAN of the page, why not join, it’s easy. Just log onto our national 4-H Facebook page to add in your ideas and connect with 4-Hers, staff and alumni all around the nation. People are willing and anxious to help with Haitian relief, tell them where to find you locally so your efforts can grow!


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