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Want to be in the 4-H Honor Club?? December 3, 2009

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Membership in the North Carolina 4-H Honor Club is bestowed upon those 4-H’ers who have exhibited outstanding 4-H citizenship and leadership throughout their 4-H career. An Honor Club member continues to provide leadership and service to the total 4-H program throughout life.

1. In order to be eligible for membership, the applicant must have completed three or more years of 4-H club work and shall be at least 16 years of age and not more than 20 years of age on January 1 of the year of application.
2. The total number of applicants inducted into the NC 4-H Honor Club shall be limited to .05% of the current enrollment of North Carolina 4-H members.
3. A total of 300 Actual Points Scored will be required before an applicant will be considered for membership in the NC 4-H Honor Club. However, the accumulation of these points does NOT guarantee selection. To be considered for membership, the applicant must submit two copies of this application and a photograph of the 4-H’ers involved in a 4-H activity. A minimum of 5 points per category must be documented.

Click here to open an honor club application for 2010.

NC 4-H Honor Club applications are due to the Brunswick County Extension Office by January 10. We must record all applicants online, those not entered online will not be eligible for competition.

Should you need additional information, contact Brunswick County 4-H at 910-253-2610.


4-H Scholarship Opportunities December 2, 2009

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Now is the time to be thinking about applying for a 4-H scholarship. 4-H members who are seniors in High School may be eligible.

North Carolina 4-H scholarships are offered to encourage 4-H members to continue their education beyond high school. The following provisions apply to educational scholarships awarded in the North Carolina 4-H Program.

ELIGIBILITY: Current North Carolina 4-H members who are graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply. Applicants must have accumulated at least a minimum of 3 years of 4-H work. All Scholarships will be directly paid to the college or university. They will not be made payable to a 4-H’er nor his/her parents. Recipients must be full time students.

To access the scholarship application form, click here!

To read about scholarship guidelines, click here!

Scholarship forms are due into the Brunswick County 4-H Office by January 10. We will enter all information into the state database for scholarship consideration.

If you need more information, please contact us at 910-253-2610.


Travel Abroad or Become a Host Family! December 1, 2009

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4-H International Exchange Program

Since 1972, States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs has provided opportunities for young people from different counties to participate in cross-cultural programs built around a “homestay” model.  Families welcome a young person from a different county to be part of their life for a month or a year…and beyond!

Whether you travel abroad or host an international visitor, you will develop cross-cultural awareness and positive communication skills that will last well beyond the exchange experience.

Youth Travel

4-H youth ages 13-19 can experience life in another country and culture through a homestay with a native host family.  Trips are approximately 4-8 weeks in June-July to Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, or Norway.  Costs vary from $2,000-$5,000 depending on the program.  This includes orientations, domestic and international airfare, adult chaperone escort, medical insurance and in-country expenses including an excursion or camp.

American Host Families

4-H families can open their home to an international visitor for four weeks during the summer or one school year.  This is a unique opportunity to welcome a delegate from Japan, Costa Rica, and Eurasia.

American Host Family FAQ

Q: Do we need to plan special activities?

A: Delegates come to experience everyday American life.  They don’t expect to be entertained, just welcomed and included in your normal activities.

Q: Will my delegate speak English?

A: Delegates’ English skills vary depending on the program, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they improve through language immersion!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Delegates have health insurance and bring their own spending money.  Your main cost would be to provide meals.

Q: How old will my delegate be?

A: Ages range from 13-19 years old.


Visit the North Carolina 4-H International Exchange website for more information


Contact Leslie Kammer at 910-253-2610 or


December Edition of the Brunswick Buzz is here!

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Here is the latest edition of the Brunswick County 4-H Newsletter… the Brunswick Buzz.

Contents include:

Horse Leader Volunteer Training
Livestock Judging Workshop
County Council News
New Online Curriculum
Moravian Sugar Cake Workshop