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4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship & life skills.

4-Hers Put Hands to Larger Service September 28, 2009

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Planning in conjunction with Brunswick County’s Fall Clean Up Week, twenty-three 4-H youth and parent volunteers joined together on Oak Island Beach on Saturday, September 19th to set their “hands to larger service” by helping to clean the environment and beautify the beach.  4-H agent, Blair Green, remembers one parent telling her that they figured the beach would be fairly clean and at first look it seemed okay, but it’s amazing what kind of trash they found when they actually started looking for it. Trash bags in hand, it was a great example to see young people involved in their community and the youth admitted they felt a sense of pride for their efforts when they completed the cleanup project. 

Centennial Beach Cleanup at OKI 2009-09-19



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