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Applause for 4-H Youth July 27, 2009

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This email was received shortly after North Carolina 4-H Congress from Hariett Edwards, a 4-H Specialist from NCSU.

“Hopefully most of you have made it back to your counties now, and many of you are already packing for camp or your next great adventure, but I did want to stop to mention to you that you and our 4-H members once again did an incredible job with Hands to Service on Wednesday morning.

 I’ve received photos from one site, emails from three sites, and have had two phone calls from site coordinators asking to please be included again next year.  Your work to support and encourage the kids is noticed and appreciated, and please let the participants know that they made us proud to be associated with them and with our clover!!!  Two coordinators commented that they would never have believed that such small groups of kids could accomplish all that was done in such a short time —- another testament to the work ethic and dedication of our 4-H’ers!

 Just to give you a sense of what you participated in, we placed 743 youth and adults at 42 work sites with 26 agencies in the Triangle area, so conservatively we provided a benefit valued at approximately $22,300.

 Thanks to all of you who took extra steps to insure that your members had an opportunity to participate in a service activity.  I realize that sometimes it’s not the most convenient day of Congress to have folks going all over the area for service, but please know that the kids value it, and the community does as well.

 Thanks, again, for making it happen!”

 Harriett C. Edwards, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor & Extension 4-H Specialist Department of 4-H Youth Development & Family and Consumer Sciences College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, NC State University

We are very proud of all that you accomplish.  Thanks for putting “our hands to larger service” into action!


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  1. Hello! I’m glad to see other states who have been using web blogs! I hope it is a growing trend for 4-H! How have you gotten your group to rely on the blog for information? That’s the obstacle we are dealing with right now. Thanks!

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