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Be a part of the EFNEP Focus Group April 23, 2009

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local_foods_classThe Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) at NCSU is developing a new Nutrition Curriculum called Kids Eating Smart & Moving More.  As the curriculum is developed, focus groups are needed to “test” the characters, &their voices.  If you are between the ages of 8 & 11 & are interested in helping the folks at NC State with this project, please let us know.  There is a parental permission form you will need your parents to sign, & come to the county Complex to participate in the project which will take about 1 hour.

Here’s what you will be asked to do:

Look at printed pictures of Cartoon Characters & give us your reaction to them Hear a description of the Cartoon Characters & then share your reaction to them Listen to some of the Cartoon Characters’ voices & choose the one you like best, then tell us why Finally, you’ll see a Cartoon of the main characters–including the introductory song & one story to give us your reaction to it.

There is no wrong or right answer to any of this, the folks at NC State are simply trying to see how kids ages 8 to 11 feel about the use of animated cartoon characters in teaching the new nutrition curriculum. 

You will receive a small gift for participating in the focus group.  Parents are not allowed to participate, so it will be done with two of our Extension staff members–Susan Morgan, & one member of the County Extension staff.  We need a group of 6 boys & girls ages 8 to 11.


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