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4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship & life skills.

The 4-H Pledge April 1, 2009

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Create team spirit by helping your players learn and live out the 4-H Pledge. It clearly states how 4-H goes about helping youth develop and grow in positive ways. The 4-H Pledge shares how 4-H looks at the holistic development of the member. Review the article 4-H Youth Development Ideals
for more information on how 4-H works to develop boys and girls of all ages on your 4-H club team.


How Can You Help Members Learn the 4-H Pledge?

At the opening of each 4-H club meeting, your members, advisors, families and yourself will recite the 4-H Pledge. The pledge serves as a reminder of what we value and want to achieve in 4-H. Every year, you will have members that will need to learn the 4-H Pledge for the very first time, whether you are teaching cloverbuds or older members, you will find the pictorial guide to Learning the 4-H Pledge
a helpful resource. You may want to print off the photographs to enlarge for use at your next club meeting.


I Pledge:

My Head to clearer thinking

My Heart to greater loyalty

My Hands to larger service and

My Health to better living

For my club, my community,

my country, and my world.


Where Can I Purchase a 4-H Flag?

The 4-H Pledge can be recited in the presence of a 4-H Flag. You may purchase a 4-H Flag, a club meeting flag set that includes the American Flag and the 4-H Flag and/or the 4-H Pledge Banner from the National 4-H Supply Catalog.


Ohio 4-H Clubs Advisors Handbook – Inside the Four H’s – 4-H Pledge


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