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2009 Career Poster April 27, 2009

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Creat an orignal poster using the theme to select a career you are interested in and share it with us! For example: “Explore Nursing.”  Posters will be displayed throughout Brunswick County during the month of June and the top two posters in each age division will advance to District Activity Day competition.  Check out all of the details here.  Deadline for submission to the 4-H Office is Monday June 8th.


Be a Star… In Communication! April 23, 2009

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Does the Thought of Doing Presentations Make You Nervous?

You can learn to communicate at the Be a Star… In Communication session on Friday May 8th at the Cooperative Extension Office in Bolivia, NC from 10am-12pm.

Learn tips and tricks for creativing a delivering dynamite presentations. You’ll find out what the pros know about: Writing a memorable speech, Using visuals, Calming stage nerves, and Speaking clearly and with confidence.

Space is limited! Sign up by Monday May 8th by calling 910-253-2610 or



Be a part of the EFNEP Focus Group

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local_foods_classThe Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) at NCSU is developing a new Nutrition Curriculum called Kids Eating Smart & Moving More.  As the curriculum is developed, focus groups are needed to “test” the characters, &their voices.  If you are between the ages of 8 & 11 & are interested in helping the folks at NC State with this project, please let us know.  There is a parental permission form you will need your parents to sign, & come to the county Complex to participate in the project which will take about 1 hour.

Here’s what you will be asked to do:

Look at printed pictures of Cartoon Characters & give us your reaction to them Hear a description of the Cartoon Characters & then share your reaction to them Listen to some of the Cartoon Characters’ voices & choose the one you like best, then tell us why Finally, you’ll see a Cartoon of the main characters–including the introductory song & one story to give us your reaction to it.

There is no wrong or right answer to any of this, the folks at NC State are simply trying to see how kids ages 8 to 11 feel about the use of animated cartoon characters in teaching the new nutrition curriculum. 

You will receive a small gift for participating in the focus group.  Parents are not allowed to participate, so it will be done with two of our Extension staff members–Susan Morgan, & one member of the County Extension staff.  We need a group of 6 boys & girls ages 8 to 11.


Fashion Revue April 20, 2009

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It was an evening of fashion on Monday April 13th, 2009 at the Brunswick County Center of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Training Center as eight local 4-Hers showed off their sewing talent at the annual 4-H Fashion Revue. Following a warm welcome from Blair Green, Extension 4-H Agent, and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge, it was time for the main event. Leslie Wilson, 4-H Program Assistant, narrated as the Brunswick County youth showed off their sewing projects. The Partners-in-Learning Participants (Ages 5-8) were Lydia Lewis and Rosemarie Yurgel. Partners-in-Learning participate non-competitively and receive a Participation Ribbon. Preteen Participants (Ages 9-11) were Mary Ellen Lewis and Amber Yurgel. Lewis received 1st place and Yurgel received 2nd place in this age division. Darby Dawkins was the single competitor and 1st place winner in the Junior Teen Participants (Ages 12-13). Lastly, the Teen Participants (Ages 14-18) were Lucille Bruno, Dorothy Conley, and Tori Norris. Champion in this age division was Tori Norris. Norris will have the opportunity to compete at 4-H Congress in July. Conley received 2nd place and Bruno received 3rd place. Winners will receive 4-H Scholarship money to use to pay for 4-H activities. Participants are judged on a variety of categories such as construction, fit, and difficulty. Construction Judges were Susan Morgan, Extension Associate, EFNEP, and Pearl Stanley, Extension Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences. A special thanks to Gina Britton, 4-H Secretary, for providing programs and to the Brunswick County Master Gardeners for providing the beautiful plants.


Dairy Poster Contest April 14, 2009

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It’s time for the 2009 Dairy Poster Contest!!  This contest is open to any 4-Her ages 5 all the way up to 19!  The theme for the 2009 Dairy Poster Contest is “Fuel Up with Milk – June Dairy Month “. Youth should incorporate this theme into their posters. You can see the June Dairy theme and logo here.  Don’t forget!  There are a few rules to follow:

1. Competition in this contest will be Division I (9-12 years of age), Division II (13-15 years of age), and Division III (16-19 years of age) at the county and state level. Youth in Division IV (5-8 years of age) will participate on a non-competitive basis at the county level only.
2. Posters should be a standard 22″ X 28″ size.
3. Posters MUST NOT contain copyright material such as cartoon characters, etc.

All posters at the state competition in Division I, II, and III will be displayed in a prominent place at the Junior Dairy Show in the Jim Graham Building at the NC State Fair.  The following awards will be provided to state winners in Division I, Division II, and Division III by the Southeastern United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA):
• First Place: $100 cash
• Second Place: $75 cash
• Third Place: $50 cash

North Brunswick Magazine April 13, 2009

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Check out our article in the North Brunswick Magazine about our Life on the Farm program!


The 4-H Pledge April 1, 2009

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Create team spirit by helping your players learn and live out the 4-H Pledge. It clearly states how 4-H goes about helping youth develop and grow in positive ways. The 4-H Pledge shares how 4-H looks at the holistic development of the member. Review the article 4-H Youth Development Ideals
for more information on how 4-H works to develop boys and girls of all ages on your 4-H club team.


How Can You Help Members Learn the 4-H Pledge?

At the opening of each 4-H club meeting, your members, advisors, families and yourself will recite the 4-H Pledge. The pledge serves as a reminder of what we value and want to achieve in 4-H. Every year, you will have members that will need to learn the 4-H Pledge for the very first time, whether you are teaching cloverbuds or older members, you will find the pictorial guide to Learning the 4-H Pledge
a helpful resource. You may want to print off the photographs to enlarge for use at your next club meeting.


I Pledge:

My Head to clearer thinking

My Heart to greater loyalty

My Hands to larger service and

My Health to better living

For my club, my community,

my country, and my world.


Where Can I Purchase a 4-H Flag?

The 4-H Pledge can be recited in the presence of a 4-H Flag. You may purchase a 4-H Flag, a club meeting flag set that includes the American Flag and the 4-H Flag and/or the 4-H Pledge Banner from the National 4-H Supply Catalog.


Ohio 4-H Clubs Advisors Handbook – Inside the Four H’s – 4-H Pledge