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Walk for the Clover October 8, 2008

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Walk for the Clover

Walk for the Clover

On Wednesday October 7th in honor of National 4-H Week, a Walk for the Clover was held at the Brunswick County Government Complex.  Minus being a little windy, it was a perfect fall day to hold a walk.  Four 4-H’ers showed up to help and there were 12 participants in the walk.  Walkers had to complete four laps or about 1.3 miles; receiving a 4-H token for each lap (one for head, heart, hands, and health).  When they had all four tokens they could turn them in for a 4-H Cup.  It was a great time for everyone. 


Rosie helping at the walk

Rosie helping at the walk

Thank you Amber and Rosie Yurgel and Justin and Bryan Simmons and all of our enthusiastic participants!!


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